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“It helps me stay healthy in my own home, and I feel secure. I don’t just think it lightens the load on my family, I KNOW it does.”

Worry not.

Someone is looking out for you.

Arcadia on Call is a home care service that provides peace of mind to our clients and their loved ones. Our proactive approach combines passive, health and safety remote monitoring with trained clinicians who get to know you and your needs. This ensures that you get the proper care, when you need it most.

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“Arcadia On Call helps me stay happy and secure. I don’t want to spend time worrying about my health. I had a heart issue and I was worried that something might happen to me. It was a real comfort to have Arcadia On Call available.”

The measure of good health.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary.

How Arcadia On Call works is very simple. First, it establishes a baseline of your normal, daily activity. From that day forward, it is able to detect changes in your everyday living activities. If it senses anything out of the ordinary, it may mean that you have a health concern. A caregiver will be able to intervene, before the condition hastens a visit to the ER or hospital. As a result, you get the care you need, when you need it.

Extra Discreet

  • No cameras or microphones to ensure your privacy
  • Small, remote sensors to detect changes in everyday activity

Extra Reassurance

  • Prevents visits to the ER or hospital
  • Notifies care team that something has changed
  • Lets family members know you’re ok

Extra Measures

  • Twice yearly visits from RN if desired
  • Quarterly calls from RN if desired
  • Notifications to family members or other appropriate respondents
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We're all about you.

Arcadia is a national leader in home care and staffing. For over 35 years we have been committed to understanding, anticipating, and accommodating the needs of our clients and their loved ones. We are now pleased to bring you Arcadia On Call – an innovative service that helps people stay at home longer while enhancing their quality of life.
This service helps us continue to deliver our
promise of providing compassionate, quality,
community-based home care.
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